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Talent Acquisition

Times have changed and the tides have turned. The world has moved on from only depending on the classic and traditional forms of sourcing talent to adapting new-age solutions. We strongly advocate the fact that talent acquisition is a specialist’s job with essential and core competencies.

Where others scamper for CVs, our focus remains on quality profiles. Our talent acquisition arm at Transcendence is an exclusive division to cater to Talent Solutions. We have a highly experienced team of TA specialists with a proven track record of creating excellence by providing prodigious service. We do so by managing the entire acquisition journey for the candidates and our clients. We strive for a long-term relationship making it ideal and imperative for mutual benefits.




The Transcendence Differentiator

  • Focus On Quality Hiring

  • Acquisition Journey Management

  • Flexible Working Agreements

  • Pan India Service

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