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Continuous learning and skill enhancement are in the DNA and a pivotal function of almost every organisation today. In the current scenario, organisations are facing the huge challenge of getting their employees trained in the conventional way of classroom setup. This situation has led a lot of our existing clients to move on to the digital platform. We at Transcendence have the in-house capability of creating interactive content using the most effective tools and mechanisms, ensuring the highest degree of quality and efficiency. We support you in designing learning tools that can form an integral part of your existing LMS. We ensure that your employees are able to learn 24 x7, on the move at their pace from anywhere on the globe. You may contact us and our representative will get in touch with you for a consultation.

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Our interactive modules give you a complete learning experience. Our modules have interactive content that makes learning an engaging and fun experience. The learner benefits from a wide range of learning tools such as assessments, quizzes, games, videos, etc. The e-learning module uses intelligent technology to measure the progress of the learner through incremental stages before certifying them. Every minute detail is customizable to meet your learning needs and brand guidelines.

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Webinars have always been popular among executives as it saves a lot of time and effort. With state-of-the-art technology available at our fingertips today, the learning experience is truly global. Our founder and other panel experts host a range of webinars on various topics. The webinars are available throughout the year. You can ask for a customized webinar by reaching out to our team.

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We design customized business simulations after a detailed study of your business objectives. Our carefully crafted and well-researched content ensures you of quality that is in sync with the best industry standards. We achieve this by involving subject matter experts for content development. The simulations are highly interactive which ensures participation and involvement of all learners. You can book a free consultation with us now.


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