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Have you ever wondered why a soldier is always ready to defend his country and his countrymen at all costs? Have you asked yourself this question, why does he risk his life?  No! it's not patriotism if that is what you thought.

There is a reason we know them as men of a different breed. It’s the culture that makes them stand apart. A culture that is cultivated through astute leadership. The armed forces convey the ethos of strong and decisive leadership in any circumstance.

Today you have the chance to learn lessons of leadership from the Army. Learn and develop leadership skills that you can use in difficult situations. Develop the skills to lead your team from the front. Enhance your leadership skills to deal with complexities and learn to thrive in uncertainty. 


This exclusive topic deals with developing a mindset that is free from every sort of rigidity. Being able to develop a fluid thought process and mastering the process to do so has been a game-changer for many participants who have been a part of this training. You will experience the freedom to be able to choose the way you want to direct your thought process. You will be in complete control of your thoughts and therefore be able to make correct decisions in a timely manner. It will empower you to develop better relationships at work and in your personal sphere.


flexibility and adaptability
managerial effectiveness


Being able to manage the available resources effectively is key to the smooth functioning of the people and processes. It is the ability to strike the right balance between process and people. The objective of our Managerial Effectiveness Training is to ensure that the participants understand the importance of managing themselves effectively. Our Managerial Effectiveness Training aims is to train every participant to be competent in the area of interpersonal communication which will help them achieve superior performance from the team. The manager is someone who is able to effectively delegate and create a succession plan & effectively communicate and drive change within the organization.

first time managers


Being a manager for the first time is certainly very motivating and exciting. However, it comes with a new set of challenges for the first-time manager. There is a need for a transition or a change in the mindset from being an individual contributor to a team leader.  The objective of our First Time Manager Training program is to develop and nurture first-time managers into thoughtful leaders. This training will develop their capabilities to manage teams effectively by accepting new responsibilities. Our First Time Manager training will ensure that they can perform across with all the team members effortlessly by effectively making use of strong communication and influencing techniques. The aim of the training is to equip the managers with the ability to easily switch styles as a leader and as a manager.



Effective communication is key to the effective implementation of plans and constant evaluation in any organisation. A breakdown or ambiguity in communication leads to a lack of trust between various stakeholders and impacts the outcome severely. The objective of our Communication Skills Training is to develop the skills of the participants and create powerful and effective communicators by using powerful NLP techniques. The objective is to make the participants improve their listening skills and impart knowledge and skills to help them create instant rapport with other people. Learning from our Communication Skills Training will empower the participants to communicate seamlessly and avoid any miscommunication. The bottom line is to empower the participants with the tools that will help them to decode the body language of others and match it to communicate effectively.



Like it or not, but it is true that everyone has their own set of biases. It ranges from age bias to gender, authority, appearance, and many more. The real challenge is that they influence the way we make decisions in our day-to-day life. It could be hiring someone. It could be selecting the right vendor or a service provider, every decision is impacted by these biases. This training empowers you by making you aware of the kinds of biases and techniques to deal with them. You will be in a better position to make decisions objectively  based on facts as opposed to subjective thinking

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