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7 ‘Must Ask’ Questions In An Interview to Gauge Communication Skills

Thank you readers for your amazing response to the Super 7 Series of Questions. We are back with Super 7 questions. This time we will focus on questions pertaining to communication.

Communication as we all know is key to success of any organisation in general and to teams and individuals in particular. Communicating well with all stake holders ensures smooth flow and avoiding conflicts and minimizing duplication of efforts. Therefore, it is

extremely important that one possess excellent communication skills and openness to develop one’s communication regularly.

Let us look at 7 questions that one must ask in an interview to gauge communication style of an individual.

  1. When you must communicate a complex piece information, what style do you use and how do you make the other person understand?

  2. What are the top two situations that causes worry for you to communicate? How do you deal with them?

  3. How do you prepare for a speech or a presentation that you have to deliver in a seminar? What is your approach?

  4. What are the areas on communication that you have developed in the recent past? What made you do so?

  5. How do you communicate with your team members and your manager on issues directly impacting work? What mode of communication comes the most naturally?

  6. Cite an example where the situation went bad because of some miscommunication and what were the remedial steps you took to ensure that everything was back on track?

  7. How easy or difficult is it for you to speak up when you know you are correct, but you are being mis interpreted?

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