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Treat every training session as your first and your last session.

Treat every training session as your first and your last session.

Live as you will die tomorrow and learn as if you will live forever. Your audience should mean the world to you. Consider them as the cornerstone of anything and everything that you organize. When you design the content and plan the delivery, your mind should be full of curiosity and your intent must be full of commitment to give extraordinary results.

Here are a few aspects that you must exercise with every client.

Parting with your past laurels

Battles won yesterday will not guarantee a win in the war tomorrow. You must be consistent in delivering excellence. You may take inspiration from the great results that you may have achieved, but at the same time, you must ensure that you do not let the success blur your vision as you move forward. The thought is to leave behind the comfort or reliance on past glories to pursue new goals, aspirations, and opportunities.

Approach with a clear mind

Well begun is half done. A clear vision of the goal serves as a guide that keeps us marching in the right direction. Your approach to every training assignment has to be clear and with an open mind. Never let your past experiences impact your approach and understanding of the objectives/expectations of your clients.

Avoiding complacency

Contentment is the best friend of redundancy. You must possess a strong desire to improve upon yesterday's self. This will have a significant impact on your field of work. For me, hunger for constant progress acts as a catalyst for greatness. An appetite for continuous improvement is like a wheel that drives excellence session after session.

Heightened preparation

The more you sweat in times of peace the less you bleed in times of war. This is my all-time favourite quote and I share it with everyone whenever it seems to be appropriate. Have this ingrained in yourself. Prepare with the same intensity or even more than you did for the first gig of your life. This will get you into increased readiness and anticipation to effectively respond to challenges, crisis or emergencies. Being proactive will help you mitigate the impact arising out of any eventuality.

Enhanced performance

Every small aspect in the act adds up to a great show in the end. Pay attention to every minute detail that can go into creating a world-class content. Research every facet, and gather all the information about the organisation, its processes, and its people. Understand the industry and the competition. The synthesis of these findings will result in a personalized delivery that will meet the specific expectations of the audience.

To conclude, all of this will work astonishingly well only if there is passion riding right at the top. Take your work so passionately that it makes even a routine task a fulfilling experience. Your inner drive and excitement will elevate the performance to new heights. Trainings should not be task for you. Pour your heart and soul in your work, and you’ll find joy in the process, attaining a profound sense of satisfaction.

TREAT YOUR EVERY TRAINING SESSION AS YOUR FIRST AND THE LAST SESSION #training #learning #traininganddevelopment #passion #loveyourwork #performance


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